How To Create and Flip A Website

One method that some people are using to create steady streams of income is to create a website around a particular niche, fill it with content, promote it and then flip it for profit. Some people are able to build an entire website in a few days and flip it for hundreds of dollars and make a good full time living out of doing this.

In this article we’re going to look at the steps involved with creating and flipping a website so that you can understand the process fully.

  1. Niche Research – possibly the most important part of building and flipping a website is the niche research as you need to find a niche that has a lot of people searching for information and solutions to their problems. On top of that the competition needs to be low enough for you to get good rankings. Try and choose evergreen topics like health, fitness, travel, hobbies etc.
  2. Domain and hosting – you’ll need to get a domain and a place to host the site on. Many of the full time flippers will use a reseller account so that they can keep billing the website buyer for hosting – increasing the lifetime value of the customer.
  3. Building the website – virtually all the pro flippers use WordPress to power their niche websites as it is the perfect platform to build a website. It has loads of great themes and free plugins to really enhance the capability of the site.
  4. Creating the content. You have three ways to do this, write it yourself, buy PLR articles (which you should rewrite anyway) or paying a ghostwriter to create the content. All three have pros and cons, if you don’t have a big budget you can purchase PLR articles.
  5. Promoting the website – you need to build some links to the site to drive some traffic to the site. Websites with traffic will earn more than websites with no traffic. Submit your site to directoris, use some of the articles for article directory submission and join related forums and put your site in the signature.
  6. Monetizing your website – you should use a three step approach. First ensure AdSense is placed on your site, then add Clickbank info products and finally add Amazon products. Websites that have already made money will fetch a far higher price.
  7. Flipping your website – there are several sites you can choose to flip your site such as and digitalpoint forums.
  8. Rinse and repeat – once you have sold your site, repeat the process over again.

Many people make a full time living by building and selling websites, others do it as a side income. One thing is for sure though: it’s very hard not to make some sales if you follow the simple steps I’ve outlined above.

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